Web hosting is a service that allows businesses and individuals to post their webpages to go live on the internet. A web hosting service provider provides businesses and individuals owning a website with technologies and services that enable their webpages to publish live on the internet. After building your website from scratch or through website builders, the webpages are stored or uploaded to servers to allow internet users to view your website remotely. All they need to do is type your website address or domain name onto a web browser, and the webpages are delivered right on to their computers through a web browser.

Most hosting companies like WebHosting UK | WHUK services require businesses and individual website owners to have a domain name before they host. They will also facilitate purchase one if you don’t have one. After subscribing to a hosting service provider, you can expect to get custom email accounts after your domain name i.e., [email protected]. Depending on the level of subscription, you can get unlimited email accounts with your domain name.

If you create your website using HTML files, web hosting providers will give you access to FTP to upload your webpages to the server and go live on the internet. If you decide a drag and drop method of building a website, you can use WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and other handy drag and drop tools that allow even novice computer programmers to design and host a website. If your website is an online shop, there are e-commerce techniques to employ for you to realize maximum sales and profit. There are website builders that specialize in specific categories of the website.


For example, WordPress is best suited for blogs, while the Wix website builder is best suited for creating websites for restaurants. Squarespace is best for designing professional websites, while Weebly is the cheapest website builder with few design templates but provides access to the largest app store in the industry. These website builders provide plans for its users to subscribe to before making available templates that users can customize with additional adds on to make the website more professional and function as expected.

Building a website using a website builder allows you to drag and drop objects, and within a few clicks, your website is up and running without coding or technical experience. With a website builder, everything is simplified, and you do not need to transfer files from your computer to the server through FTP.  If you decide to use website builders, here are a few host providers based on their prices; Doteasy (recommended), Liquid web, and Rackspace.

Before you publish any website live, you will need the services of a hosting provider. However, these host providers go the extra mile to provide in-house technical assistance to its subscribers 24/7. Plus, other assistance website owners might need help in troubleshooting, like email service hitches, domain name renewal, and other services to ensure website owners have a hassle-free experience and divert their energy to their primary business agendas.