Do you often shop online, but are tired of being deceived? Learn how to recognize a scam site and how to verify the legitimacy of a company.

Online scams are now more and more common. Some have even made a deal, and unfortunately, there are still many users who fall into the trap set by these keyboard scammers.

In this regard, in this article, we will give you some ideas on how to instantly recognize if you are facing a scam site.

the legitimacy of a company

How to recognize a scam site at a glance.

To immediately recognize whether or not you are in front of a scam site, you do not need to be a computer guru.

Instead, it is important to know how to recognize such sites to avoid them by checking some features. We can do this by analyzing US reviews of people who have been interested in the same things as you.

Therefore, you need to be very careful and have a high dose of foresight to recognize this type of portal and not become the object of an online scam. We usually land with ads that promise products that interest us at incredible prices. The factors that can help you understand if the site you are browsing is reliable or if, on the contrary, you are on a scam site are the following:

  • the type of connection to the site
  • domain name
  • the type of content of the site
  • the online reputation of the site

User Feedback

We come to one of the tools that in the past has proven to be more effective in being able to declare whether a store or a site is trustworthy or not, ie user feedback. There are specialized sites on the net that collect reviews and opinions of customers who have purchased from a site or used a service and can be very useful to give you a general idea of ​​what to expect.

Contact details

The first alarm bells that check if a site is reliable are visible right on the main page, which is the main page. If you have reached the product page, click on the top left to return to the main page, which is the main screen of the site, and scroll down.

Below should be all the data to contact one or more managers, to request information, to report malfunctions, and so on. You will understand that if someone embezzles your money, they will not leave many contacts. The first thing to do is always check if anyone on the other side has the will to expose themselves.

If you can’t find a similar link with contact details, you need to consider a strong wake-up call if you’re trying to verify the trust of a site or e-commerce.

Privacy policy

Similar to contact information, at the bottom of the main webpage you should find a very special field called Privacy Policy. Here you will find or should find the site’s privacy policy.

Check the VAT number

Persons residing in Italy and regularly registered in the registers of the proposed entities, in particular for all companies and electronic commerce, must necessarily have a VAT number registered in the tax register.

Not only subjects who are physically active in Italy or have their registered office in Italy, but throughout the European Union: there is a common register called VIES (TV Information Exchange System) that allows you to easily verify the veracity of data declared on a site, crossing them with those resulting from the search for the VAT number.